Pamukkale Map

This is a map of Pamukkale in Denizli, Turkey. Your map guide and all the information you need. The map shows Pamukkale tourism and travel information such as activities and attractions in Pamukkale. Click on it to view it in full resolution. 

pamukkale map

Pamukkale map


1. Tourism Information12. The Martyrium of St. Philip
2. The South Roman Gate13. The Ancient Theatre
3. The South Byzantine Gate14. Stoa
4. The House of Parliement15. The Market Place
5. The poopled Church16. Church
6. The Colummed Street17. The Main Street
7. The Momuntental Fountain18. The North Byzantine Gate
8. The Temple of Apollon19. The Frontinus Street
9. Theatre20. The Domitian Gate
10. Basilica21. Tower
11. The Water Depot22. House Typed Tomb