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1,900-year-old columns found underground in ancient city of Laodicea

Excavations in the Aegean province of Denizli’s ancient city of Laodicea have revealed 1,900-year-old huge columns seven meters underground. The columns were found in the area known as the northern agora, one of the oldest faith centers in Anatolia. The

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Ancient theater of Hierapolis brought back to life for art performances

Renovations at the theater of the ancient city of Hierapolis, which is on UNESCO’s World Heritage list, have been completed.  The theater at Denizli’s ancient city of Hierapolis, known for its healing water, will be hosting artistic performances to celebrate

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Laodicea has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage Temporary List

The largest ancient city of Denizli, Laodicea, has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage Temporary List. The head of the excavations, Professor Celal Şimşek said the ancient site had been waiting for this moment since March 2013. UNESCO has

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Laodicea excavations reveal Denizli symbol

During excavations at Laodicea ancient city in Turkey, excavation member Prof. Dr. Celal Şimşek has said that his team has found a relief of two fighting roosters, the symbol of Denizli. The excavations in the area started in 2003 and

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Pluto’s ‘Gate to Hell’ found in ancient Hierapolis Pamukkale, Turkey

A “gate to hell” has emerged from ruins at Hierapolis, Pamukkale in southwestern Turkey, Italian archaeologists have announced. Known as Pluto’s Gate – Ploutonion in Greek, Plutonium in Latin – the cave was celebrated as the portal to the underworld hell in

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