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Guney Waterfall

Guney Waterfall is located in Cindere Village, Güney District, Denizli, Turkey. It’s on Menderes river, about 4 km. south of Güney District. The waterfalls are spectacular in terms of natural beauty and is a protected area of first degree. Güney

Ataturk Ethnography Museum

Cultural assets such as clothing, ornaments, household items, weapons, carpets and kilims are exhibited on the upper floor of the building used today as museum and located at Ucancibasi Neighborhood of Denizli city center. You may also see the wardrobe,

Tripolis Ancient City

Tripolis was founded at 40 km north of Denizli city center along the slopes between Buyuk Menderes stream and Yenicekent town and it was a trading and agriculture center providing transport to Hickory within the Lydia region and to Phrygia regions.

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Karahayit Pamukkale Hot Springs (Kirmizi Su – Red Water)

Karahayit hot springs is located in Karahayit Town, Denizli, Turkey. It’s about 5 km north of the famous Pamukkale Travertine and has similar characteristics like that of Pamukkale. Due to the minerals existing in its structure, the hot spring water spreads reddish color to the

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Travel guide Denizli

Denizli is the commercial and transportation hub of inland region of southeastern Aegean Turkey. It is nestled against the hillside at the southern side of the plains of Buyuk Menderes River. It’s a busy place partly because of nearby Pamukkale

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Laodicea on the lycus, Turkey

Laodicea ancient city, also know as Laodicea on the Lycus, Laodicea ad Lycum, Laodiceia or Laodikeia, was founded on 260 B.C. along the Lykos (Curuksu) River located at 6 km from the Denizli city center in Turkey. The city was originally called Diospolis,

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Hierapolis Ancient City, Pamukkale

Hierapolis Ancient City is located at 24 km to Denizli and was founded by the Bergama King Eumenes II on 190 B.C. The city was named after “Hiera” who was the beautiful wife of the legendry hero Telefos and it

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Colossae Ancient City

There is also a Seljuk fortress in Honaz, and the Murat Mosque which dates back to the reign of Ottoman Sultan Murat II (imperabat 1404-1451). Colossae pronunciation Colossae is pronounced as kuh–los-ee. Colossae history and church In 396 BC, during the Persian Wars, the satrap Tissaphernes was lured to

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Pamukkale Information

Worldly famous Pamukkale, also called ‘cotton castle’, is located at the southern banks of the Hierapolis Ancient City in Turkey. Since thousand of years, the water got colder and solid as it got farer from the calcareous hot water source and formed the travertine terraces in the shape

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Denizli is a growing industrial city in the southwestern part of Turkey and the eastern end of the alluvial valley formed by the river Buyuk Menderes, where the plain reaches an elevation of about a hundred meters. Denizli is located in the country’s Aegean Region.