Guney Waterfall

Guney Waterfall Denizli TurkeyGuney Waterfall is located in Cindere Village, Güney District, Denizli, Turkey. It’s on Menderes river, about 4 km. south of Güney District. The waterfalls are spectacular in terms of natural beauty and is a protected area of first degree. Güney waterfall is the 23th in the overall ranking of Turkey’s natural wonders.
The waterfall waters begins 3 km away from the mountain Cindere, close to the river Big Menderes. The waterfall is rippling limestone water from about 20 meters high, resulting in a variety of steps and formations of limestone in the bed of the waterfall.

Guney Waterfall collapsed due to a landslide

guney-waterfall-landslide-collapsedTurkey’s natural beauty of the Güney District in Denizli, Guney Waterfall occurred a landslide and collapsed on 13-05-2013. One person was slightly injured during the crash in the waterfall. The government plans to change the location of the Guney Waterfall to about 100 meters below the current location.


Where is Guney Waterfall?

Grotere kaart weergeven

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