Colossae Thermal Information (Kaklik Cave)

Today the economy of Honaz is centred on growing cherries, 80% of the crop being exported from Denizli, Turkey, generating up to 35 million dollars of income per annum. There is an annual cherry festival in the town. Tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables are grown too including a local variety of oleaster. Honaz is also the homeland of a number of well-known pehlivans (oil wrestlers) including the 3-time national champion Hüseyin Çokal.

Kaklik Cave / Kaklik Magarasi

In the nearby depending township of Kaklik, there is a large cave called “Kaklik Cave” or “Kaklık Mağarası” which attracts visitors from all over the country. A natural hot spring that spurts out on the surface only to flow back underground shortly afterwards through the cave in cascading layers of limestone and travertine caused Kaklık to appear very much like a subterranean Pamukkale.