Thermal and spa hotels

On this page you can find the best thermal and spa hotels for your vacation holiday in Denizli, Turkey. For reviews about the hotels and accommodations click on the names.

What is a thermal hotel?

The term thermal refers to heat. Thermal or geothermal water is a natural resource of warm water which temperature is above 30 C° (86 F°). Thermal water originates from the deeper layers of earth’s solid mantle where temperature is higher than close to the surface. Descending groundwater is heated up by geothermal heat. The warm, thermal water is forced to the surface by the high pressure within the solid earth mantle and reaches the surface through natural channels, hollows, caves as hot springs or through artificially drilled wells.

thermal spring karahayit

Because of its high temperature, thermal water can contain substantial quantities of dissolved solids from deeper layers of the earth mantle. The mineral content can be very different between geographic areas and can have beneficial health effects when used internally or externally. Thermal bathes, natural spas are renown for their relieving effects against various skin and rheumatic diseases. Turkey offers a lot of thermal and spa possibilities. Karahayit and Pamukkale are well known for its hot springs accommodations.



Five star hotels *****


Four star hotels ****

– Colossae Thermal SpaFrom €77,-– Pam Thermal HotelFrom €77,-
– Polat Thermal HotelFrom €24,-– Richmond Pamukkale ThermalFrom €80,-
  – Aspawa PensionFrom €29,-
  – C&H Hotel Pamukkale 
  – Tripolis HotelFrom €48,-
  – Halici Hotel Pamukkale 
  – Lycus River Thermal HotelFrom €60,-
  – Beyaz Kale Hotel 
  – Grand Hotel Marden 
  – Pamuksu Boutique HotelFrom €47,-

Three star hotels ***

– Traverten HotelFrom €63,-  
– Hal-Tur HotelFrom €57,-  
– Samdan Thermal Hotel   
– Ozturk PensionFrom €20,-  
– Hotel Pamukkale   
– Artemis YorukFrom €22,-  
– Bellamaritimo Hotel   
– Ozbay Hotel   
Beyaz Kale HotelFrom €20,-  
– Herakles Thermal CenterFrom €45,-