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Ancient church found in Tripolis ancient city in Denizli

A church that dates back 1,500 years was unearthed during excavations at Tripolis ancient city in Buldan, Denizli (Turkey). The church will open to visitors at the end of the year after being covered with a wooden material just like the

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The Church of Laodicea in book of Revelation (New Testament, Bible)

Laodicea receives passing mention in the epistle to the Colossians and is one of the Seven churches of Asia mentioned in the Book of Revelation. The Laodicean Church had probably been founded by the Colossian Epaphras, who shared the care of

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Colossae Church and Ancient History

In 396 BC, during the Persian Wars, the satrap Tissaphernes was lured to Colossae and slain by an agent of the party of Cyrus the Younger. Pliny tells that the wool of Colossae gave its name (colossinus) to the colour of the cyclamen flower. During the Hellenistic period, the

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