Pamukkale remains empty due to corona virus outbreak

Pamukkale remains empty due to corona virus outbreak
Pamukkale empty

Known as the “white paradise” that is visited by millions of tourists every year, Pamukkale remains empty due to the corona virus outbreak in the world.

In Pamukkale is on the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List and broke a record with more than 2 million 500 thousand tourists it hosted last year. Due to the corona virus, the hopes of this year’s tourism and environmental tradesmen are lost.

Ali Gediz, owner of a Chinese restaurant, stated that not only them but also China-oriented hotels are in a difficult situation as artisans in the region. Gediz said, “Things have stopped completely in the restaurant for about 2 months. Although Pamukkale is a small place, there are about 25 hotels. Almost all of the hotels serve Far Eastern customers as a concept. The corona virus first affected us in terms of Chinese tourists. The hotels working with the Chinese are all in a difficult economic situation now.”

Compared to previous months, it has been noticeable that the number of tourists has decreased by almost 90 percent. Some tour companies and operators have tied their hopes to domestic tourists. Local tourists do not pay enough attention to Pamukkale though due to the entrance fees of 80 TL. So Pamukkale remains empty.