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Pamukkale is open for visitors again

The world-famous Pamukkale is open since June 1st to visitors after 74 days of being closed. Pamukkale, which was visited by over 2 million tourists last year, was temporarily closed to visitors as part of COVID-19 (Corona) measures since March

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There are 2 Corona suspects in Denizli

Pamukkale corona

There are 2 suspicious cases in Denizli and their examinations and treatments are being carried out in the hospital. Governor Hasan Karahan told citizens not to go out unless they are obligatory. They also need to avoid public places and

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Are the corona virus claims true or fake news in Denizli?

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca made statements about fake news regarding Corona Virus cases. Koca stated that there were statements on social media about new positive cases, and warned about posts aimed at panic on social media and some news. The

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Pamukkale remains empty due to corona virus outbreak

Pamukkale empty

Known as the “white paradise” that is visited by millions of tourists every year, Pamukkale remains empty due to the corona virus outbreak in the world. In Pamukkale is on the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List and broke a record with

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No Corona virus found in Denizli

The Governorship of Denizli announced that the sample results of three foreign nationals turned out to be negative. They were hospitalized with the suspicion of a corona virus. In a written statement from the Governorship of Denizli, it was stated

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