Are the corona virus claims true or fake news in Denizli?

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca made statements about fake news regarding Corona Virus cases. Koca stated that there were statements on social media about new positive cases, and warned about posts aimed at panic on social media and some news. The point that Minister Koca drew attention to was the fake statement that today the tests of 2 cases were positive in Pamukkale University Hospital in Denizli and that 11 cases were suspicious in DDH.

After this, Koca stated, ” The example we experienced today was remarkable. The fake document was published in the morning. It was presented to the public as confidential. The aim was to create a loss of confidence. Combating fake news aimed at panic is part of fighting the virus. Panic is emotional. It is not reasonable. Panic puts society at risk to avoid. We must act with mind, not with emotion. The right sense of our people is as important as the organizational power of our state. table in Turkey is not identical to the table in other countries. Many countries have lost control. Now, the number of patients lost more than the diagnosis is explained. ”

Over 5 thousand observation

Health Minister Koca said, “We know what to do against the risk as a citizen. We know our enemy well. Our health infrastructure is in good condition. Today, there are new suggestions from the Scientific Committee. Here, we will give our number of laboratories to 16, then to work in all major cities, and to the whole country. We will try to get more benefits by moving quickly. In addition, we have watched over 5 thousand citizens from Umrah. ”

New flight prohibitions

Minister Koca announced new flight bans and measures taken. Koca, “Egypt, England, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Ireland and the United Arab Emirates are banned from flying. In this period, we are planning to monitor health conditions and screen them on the 7th or 8th day. In addition, the ALO 184 SABİM line, the Ministry of Health communication line has started to serve as our corona virus line. As government measures, you know that all activities, such as congress conferences, are stopped. As of today, the Ministry of Interior suspended the activities of many places. There are restrictions on the use of museums and libraries. ”

Have new positive cases

Minister Koca said, “We have new positive cases coming out now. I will also explain to you the daily figure that is positive this evening. It seems that some news will continue during this period. Our measures to protect us from risk should increase even more. Let’s be more careful with the elderly and those with chronic diseases. This fight will continue. We cannot show weakness. I want to warn our citizens abroad. Let us not insist on the return to Turkey. Nevertheless, let our citizens return to the 14-day rule. These days will not continue like this, we will soon return to our lives. There has been no loss of life until now. This does not mean that it will not happen. In this process, I want to say that we have patients with respiratory distress. We know that the next 1-2 weeks are going to be in a rapid spread, very important. Following the diagnosis, it is important to scan the contact group, as well as the care of patients in intensive care units in the hospital. We have taken all the precautions for him. ”

Source: pamukkalehaber